What are the updates about COVID situation in Hungary?

The Hungarian government allow to organize camps from the 15th of June 2020. So we are happy to host your child. Please be sure that she/he is healthy. We will send you the health form before the camp, please bring it with you signed.

When is my registration final?

When you paid the fee.

Can I cancel?

Only in case of proven illness. And you will lose 5% administration costs. Pls check the Terms & Conditions.

How do you protect my child from COVID-19?

Covid-19 spread similarly than an other flu. So first of all we want to be sure that the kids & adults coming into the camp aren’t getting it. In this term we will follow the Hungarian regulation.

On the camp we are washing hands regularly and we work on team of 6. We will daily examine the kids health status and if somebody looks like having symptoms we quarantine the child and call the parent immediately. However we are not responsible if your child gets the virus and in case of sickness are Terms & Conditions applies. In the case your child needs to leave the camp for any illness or other purpose, we are not giving any refund.

What are arrival times?

Please arrive after 4pm but not latest 5.30pm.

What are departure times?

The departure time can be on Saturday after 1pm, but we emphasis you to participate on the picnic & exhibition from 12.30 till latest 3pm.

What does my camper need to bring?

We will send you an email after registration.

Does my camper need a physical to attend?

Yes, according to Hungarian legislation you need to sign an attestation not older than 3 days. We will send it to you before the camp, but also we will have it at the registration.

What medical care is provided at camp?

There is no medical care on site, but we have a 24/7 agreement with a doctor & nurse when needed.

What if my camper has a food allergy or dietary restriction?

Please add to the registration. IMPORTANT, this year we can’t handle gluten allergy!

Will I get to meet my camper’s instructor?

Yes! You will have the opportunity during check-in to escort your camper and his/her belongings to the room. You will also meet him/her during the picnic & ask for final valuation.

Where are the campers sleeping?

They stay in rooms 3-4 together, and 2 rooms have 1 bathroom.

What are the groups’ size?

One group is only 6 children and they are working together during the whole period. Each group has its own instructor.

Can I send mail to my camper while at camp?

Please do not do that, the camp is really short for that and Hungarian Post is unpredictable.

Can I call or visit my camper while at camp?

If possible please don’t visit. Campers can use their mobile to call their parents before and after dinner.

Is Financial Aid available?

Not this year.

What if my camper gets homesick?

Instructors have intentionally taken time to develop proven homesickness strategies.

Can my camper bring their own sporting equipment (fishing gear, bow, rifle)?

Not needed.

Can my camper bring their own art equipment?

It is possible, but we will give all necessary art equipment.

Can my camper bring their some board games, cards?

Yes, it is possible.

When will you call me?

We will call if your camper becomes ill enough that they would stay home from school, or if they receive an injury that might require more medical care than our staff can provide. We will also call in the event of a serious behavior problem or homesickness. 

 How old do you have to be to go to summer camp?

We accept kids aged between 8-12.

How much English they will learn?

This is an art camp where the teacher & the staff speak English. We emphasize the children to do so as well. So, there is no language course. We believe the best way to practice and learn a language is by speaking, so that is why we recommend to come even if your child know only a few words. We are expecting non-Hungarian speaking campers as well, so it creates a great international atmosphere to practice the language & cultural differences.

How much English my child needs to know to attend?

Only a few words are enough.

If my child comes by plane from abroad, what to do?

We will pick him/her up at the airport. Please communicate the flight details with us.

Can my child have internet access?

We will have no internet access on the camp because we try to keep the camp mobile and internet free.

Mobile Phone and Wifi access times for Campers:

They can only call or use their mobile before and after dinner. We are collecting the mobile phones for security purpose.

How many meals they get?

We eat 5 times a day. Breakfast, morning fruits, warm lunch, Afternoon cake, warm dinner. For drinking purpose we only give home made tea & tap water.

Can I send some food?

No, please don’t pack any food.

How much money should my child have for Pocket money?

We suggest maximum 5.000huf in small cash. They can only buy ice-cream.

What if my child has a special medication?

Pls give the medication to his/her instructor at the check in, and write a paper about the explanation when and how to use it.

Date: 12th-18th July, 2020, Sunday to Saturday

Place: MKE Művésztelep, Tihany-Hungary, Major u. 63, 8237

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