Our Activities

Soap making

During a morning craft work session campers can learn how to make entirely natural soaps infused with healing herbs & fruits.

We explore the benefit of herbs on our body and mind.

Candle making

We create candles with essential oils from things around.

Children can create their own brand, label and packaging to their candles

Bird house

Our little carpenters will create their own bird houses.

It will start with the design, then we use real wood, hammer & angles.

Meanwhile we chat about the different birds and their role in the ecosystem.

Board game creation

Each team will create a board game using recyclable materials. The games will tested by other teams during one of the evenings’ activity.

Recycling workshop

Campers create a project to do useful items from “trash”- recyclable materials within our household.

Daily Art Classes

Each day campers can explore different techniques of drawing & painting. They can use decoupage or collage techniques to make their own special canvases.

We teach how to draw, how & when to use acrylic, watercolor, water paint, pencil, crayon. They can find their own style and preferred technique to explore deeper through one specific topic during the 5 days of art classes.

Date: 12th-18th July, 2020, Sunday to Saturday

Place: MKE Művésztelep, Tihany-Hungary, Major u. 63, 8237

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